About Us

Who We Are:

SAINT FLAIRS AWARDS LIMITED is the leading company, and one of the pioneers in the Awards, promotional, and specialty products industry in Nigeria.

Founded in 1985, we have a longstanding tradition of quality service delivery; penchant for high creativity, excellent craftsmanship, and efficient service delivery.

We have a skilled and experienced workforce, and employ the most modern machineries and tools in the industry. We have an extensive network in Nigeria, Africa, and across different continents of the world; building an enduring partnership with clients, suppliers, and experts in our chosen line.

We are committed to building excellence, and determined to offer world class products and services to our customers across the globe.

As a Flagship corporation, we aim to continue to create enduring values and to inspire humanity to its very best.

For SAINT FLAIRS, the precious tiny moments of life’s journey are the puzzle pieces that together form the bigger perspectives from which we view our existence- as a brand, a people, business, or family.

The very moments that distinguishes between the feelings of nothingness and the cravings of contentment. It is also from moments like these, that we, as humans savor the feelings of success, satisfaction and celebrations, deriving the motivation to soar higher.

These are the very moments that boost us to an awakening- an awakening that sparks a renewed passion to dream more; do more; and become more- such feelings, emotions and attachments are what we seek to engrave, protect and help you hold very dear to your heart by sculpting models that you can readily connect with.

What We Do

At SAINT FLAIRS, our drive is excellence and celebration of purpose- these are the roads fronting the journey of fulfilment. For us, it is beyond just recognition; it is a celebration of purpose.

To this end, we manufacture, stock, market and render solid, contemporary, world class quality products: encompassing awards of all kinds, promotional products, corporate gifts, souvenirs, specialty events, and promotions. We offer a variety of customized awards and trophies in different shapes, sizes, and themes. Whatever you choose, they’ll look great on a mantel, desktop, or awards shelf, motivating the recipient to keep up the great work!

These include, exquisite Award products like- classical Trophies, Plaques, Medals, Finest Crystal pieces, Acrylic product, and contemporary artworks and sculptures, as well as Lapel pins, crests, commemorative coins, and Medallions.

We yet remain a preferred source for Military and Parliamentary Service Medals and Decorations, Corporate Merit and Staff Recognition programs, as well as iconic and stately honors, and prized Awards.

Our promotional products-line features a select collection of the most effective items for corporate communication, branding, and relationship building.

Our experience over many years has positioned us to become good consultants to your many requirements as we promote, market, and organize Awards and specialty events to give the most effective outcome.

Proactive rather than reactive, we are at the forefront of new specialties and advantageous alliances. Our services are distinctive because they are prompt, skilled, well managed, cost-effective and reliable. Our adaptability and the solid communication between players likewise enable us also deliver optimum results against all odds- to enhance people’s lifestyle and the world through our services.

Let us work for you.

Growth of Expertise

Reputable and recognized for excellence in delivery, SAINT FLAIRS has grown substantially overtime. We are diversified and constantly monitor market trends to cater to the needs of clients as they come.

As a highly visionary and innovative organization, SAINT FLAIRS, since inception has been reinforcing its continuous presence, expanding its in-house expertise and enlarging its scope of services.

We always challenge ourselves to strategically reposition our company by continuously improving on our quality and service, thus ensuring that we are always in a mutually rewarding partnership with our clientele.

Over the years we have built on our in-debt technical know-how to become a leading brand in the industry and have had the privilege of working at the highest levels with all sectors of the society.

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with awards for a wide range of clients. Our satisfied clients include: The Presidency, National, State and Local Governments, their Agencies and Parastatals. Others include: Major Blue Chip Corporations in Oil, Banking, Manufacturing; Professional Bodies, Social Organizations, Schools, and Religious Bodies within Nigeria, ECOWAS sub-region, and various African Countries. With our vast experience, we are able to appreciate the uniqueness of our varied customers and accommodate their specific needs and tastes.

We serve each customer with zeal and saintly candor- that is why we are SAINT FLAIRS.

Based on the principles we have adopted, and on the support and appreciation we have so far received from our clientele, we are full of confidence that our organization will continue to develop and grow, enabling us to grease our clients organizational goals and achieve our professional aspirations alike.